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SAGAZI foundation, is a nonpolitical, nonprofit, non-governmental organization that focuses on the development and wellbeing of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups of people in the society particularly women, children, youth, persons with disabilities.

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Our Work

Education & Literacy

Every child has a right to education, although more children are enrolling in Ugandan schools, many students do not receive the quality of education they deserve. Therefore, thousands and millions of children are missing out this critical opportunity altogether. Read more

Health, Nutrition & HIV/AIDS

In Uganda, as it is in most developing countries around the world: children are dying before they have a chance to live, mothers are dying in childbirth, malnutrition and outbreaks of disease are devastating communities and HIV/AIDS has led to millions of loss of lives and large number of orphans and vulnerable children. Read more

Water & Sanitation

In Uganda, Hygiene behavior has a critical influence on the transmission of diseases at various stages, particularly important in rural areas where disease risk is high due to poor housing, poor water and sanitation exposure to new pathogens, low resistance to diseases, disturbance of familiar and safe habits, etc... Read more

Economic Empowerment

Strengthening livelihoods and economic empowerment, especially ensuring food security and increasing income opportunities for local communities is one of the core responsibilities of Sagazi Foundation. Our Livelihoods and economic empowerment programs have the sole focus of driving poverty reduction. Read more

Emergency & Humanitarian Aid

Our community-focused disaster management strategy, represents an internal and external shift to a more nimble and responsive model. This model is underpinned by increased use of evidence-based impact, leading disaster management technologies and strengthened inter-agency collaboration. Our initial priorities will see the delivery of specific disaster management. our new model will integrate disaster management with development Read more

Gender Based & Female Genital

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a universal phenomenon. Globally, one in three women experiences either intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence during their lifetime (WHO). GBV ranges from physical, sexual, emotional and other family violence to female genital mutilation (FGM), child marriage, early childbearing, trafficking and sexual violence as a weapon of war. Read more
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In Buikwe District like any other area of the country, there is a growing number of orphans and vulnerable children as a result of HIV/AIDS. In addition to this, these children are often abandoned with no way of tracing their family members. Many of these children live in communities where there is widespread misconceptions about the causes of HIV/AIDS.

Mr. Bukenya Charles

Program Manager

Mrs. Kabejja Ruth

Executive Director