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Mr. Mwesigwa Martin was abandoned by his family.

Mwesigwa Martin is a resident of Sagazi village. He was abandoned by his family due to their inability to take care of him and also partly due to the stigma associated to the disease. He was recently

Mr. Kimera emma has a dificult situation.

Kimera Emma is a resident of Kabanga, Kikati village, Buikwe District married with two children. Kimera says his disability of missing both of his legs was due to a fever that attacked him while he w

Mariam was raped by her Uncle.

Mariam claims to have gotten the HIV virus as she was raped by her uncle while she was staying with the grandmother some years back and kept quite as she was threatened to be killed by the uncle that

Meet Margret the 88 year old grandmother with Hernia.

Margret is an old grandmother who have been suffering from Hernia for a very long time. This disease had affected her to the extent that she could not do anything on her own. We joined hands and to